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For every physical condition, no matter the status, there is a professional from whom the most powerful training, nutrition or health plan is expected. But to deliver the best, these professionals also need the best tools and counseling programs by their side. Wisify was created to bring to market the best tools designed by years of research in the University of Porto, delivered to you to create results that last.


Ricardo Moura

Co-founder & CEO

A truly entrepreneur and experienced business consultant in both financial and technological areas, with proven leadership skills and strong commitment.

Masters in Management.

Tiago Andrade

Co-founder & CTO

A dedicated and enthusiastic mechatronic and embedded systems developer, co-inventor of Lipowise and Gripwise.

Masters in Mechanical Engineering.

Daniela Pane


A motivated dietitian committed to continuously improving people’s health and well-being. Always seeking an opportunity to create a social impact in the world.

Masters and Ph.D. in Food Science.

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