Our technologies were invented at Faculty of Engineering of University of Porto by a multidisciplinary team on close relation with Nutritional and Sports Faculties. We believe that with our technologies we can empower professionals to help people to improve their quality of health and life expectancy.


A smart tool comprising mobile apps and a patented skinfold caliper for assessment and screening of body composition by measuring the thickness and compressibility of skinfolds.

Wiser Network

The Wiser Network arose from the support of the programme "Mais Ajuda Portugal", promoted by Lidl.
The result culminated in a solution that respects personal data and that added two innovative devices: Lipowise and Gripwise, iOS/Android mobile applications and the cloud platform that comply with the GDPR.
Wiser Network is committed to bringing the most innovative products, devices and software to the medical, sports, rehabilitation and nutrition industries.

Our Partners