For every physical condition, no matter the status, there is a professional from whom the most powerful training, nutrition or health plan is expected. But to deliver the best, these professionals also need the best tools and counseling programs by their side. Wisify was created to bring to market the best tools designed by years of research in the University of Porto, delivered to you to create results that last.


A request from an University of Porto nutrition professor, the Faculty of Engineering created Lipotool, a digital adipometer for body composition assessment. This innovation resulted in patents in the US and Europe (US9198602B2, EP2589336B1). In August 2017, Tiago Andrade, one of Lipotool's original creators, transitioned from academia, connecting with seasoned entrepreneur Ricardo Moura. In August 2018, they co-founded Wisify Tech Solutions, licensing the technology from the University of Porto. Today, the device is called Lipowise, seamlessly integrated into Wisify's mobile apps, representing the evolution of an academic breakthrough into a cutting-edge tech solution for body composition assessment.


Empower professionals (health, sports, and nutrition) with cutting-edge tools for nutritional, anthropometric and physical assessment, screening, and prescription to enhance individuals' health.


We envision a future where our innovative solutions not only optimize performance but also contribute to advancements in research, education, and the overall health and fitness industry.


  • Transparency
  • Innovation
  • Accuracy and Precision