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Transforming Health with Technology

   In pursuit of optimal physical fitness and health, we all seek specialized guidance. That's why we trust health and fitness professionals to provide us with effective workout, nutrition, and healthcare plans. However, for these professionals to offer the best to their clients, they too need the finest, and most innovative, advisory programs and tools by their side, such as skinfold callipers and body fat callipers, crucial for precise skinfold measurement and anthropometry.

   This is where Wisify Tech Solutions, Lda. will collaborate. Our company was founded with the mission of bringing advanced tools to the market, developed based on years of research conducted at the University of Porto. These tools, including skinfold callipers, allow for the assessment of individuals' physical and nutritional health, as well as predicting health risks, enabling reliable results and long-lasting and effective therapies. Our focus on anthropometry offers a comprehensive approach to understanding body composition.

   Since 2018, Wisify Tech Solutions Lda. has worked tirelessly, combining effort, dedication, and passion to become an innovative startup, dedicated to revolutionizing technology in the health field. In 2024, with a new image and optimized focus, our company primarily concentrates on body composition assessment, producing and marketing a variety of measuring instruments like body fat callipers, which you can find in our online store. These tools are essential for accurate skinfold measurement, providing valuable data for fitness and health professionals.

   We recognize the growing demands of the market we operate in and are proud to have a team that shares a common vision. Our priority is customer satisfaction, and we are committed to offering exceptional quality in everything we do, including our advanced anthropometric equipment. Our work reflects our focus to overcoming challenges, seizing opportunities, and driving sustainable growth.

   We invite you to become part of the Wisify Tech Solutions, Lda. family here, and together, let's achieve new levels of success and build a bright future with our cutting-edge health and fitness assessment tools.

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