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CESCORF Calliper 60 cm

CESCORF Calliper 60 cm

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This slide calliper model was developed to simplify chest depth measurements. It features two different scales: a conventional scale and another specifically designed for depth measurements. With this innovation, you simply slide the tips in the opposite direction, and the measurement will be obtained on the scale appropriate for depth measurement.

Featuring an anodized aluminium reading base, it is composed of two nylon blocks (one fixed and the other sliding) and two movable "L"-shaped stainless steel tips.

The slide calliper is designed with a usable length of 550 mm, overall dimensions of 35 mm x 30 mm x 655 mm, and a weight of 450g.

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  • Technical specifications

    • Dimensions: 150 mm x 44 mm x 35 mm
    • Weight: 290 g
    • Measuring range: ±140 kgf (other ranges on request)
    • Resolution: 100 gf
    • Sampling rate: 100 Hz
    • Power supply: Battery
    • Autonomy: 8 hours
    • Communication: Bluetooth 5.0
    • Calibration: Annual
  • Mobile APP

    The Gripwise mobile application is used to collect consultation data, particularly from connectable devices. It is available for Android / iOS and its main features are:

    • Management of patient/client identification data
    • Filling in the Anamnesis
    • Personalized definition of the assessment flow
    • Various measurement steps (anthropometry, surveys, strength tests, etc.)
    • Management of connectable devices
    • Data stored locally and remotely (only if authorized)
    • Possibility of exporting data
  • Web APP

    The Web APP is an application that does not need to be installed because it can be accessed via thebrowser. It has various features such as

    • Integration of data in the cloud
    • Permanent data backup
    • Technical support from specialized nutritionists
    • Constant updating of the service
    • Protection of client confidentiality and data in accordance with the GDPR
    • Possibility of integration via HL7 FIHR with other health systems
    • Automatic generation of reports
    • Easy use of data for research work
    • Alert mechanisms on the user's clinical status
    • Sharing of reports with the user
    • Clinical evolution over time by user