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CESCORF Slide Calliper 60 cm

CESCORF Slide Calliper 60 cm

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The Cescorf Innovare Short Bone Slide Caliper is an affordable, mid-range anthropometer suitable for both beginners and experienced users, ideal for measuring various bone diameters including the humerus, femur, and more. This Slide Caliper is durable, lightweight, and compact, with a 1mm resolution and a 164mm range. The Slide Caliper ensures precise measurements, making it a reliable tool for accurate anthropometric assessments.

More About Our Slide Caliper

This Slide Caliper model was developed to simplify chest depth measurements. It features two different scales: a conventional scale and another specifically designed for depth measurements. With this innovation, you simply slide the tips in the opposite direction, and the measurement will be obtained on the scale appropriate for depth measurement.

Featuring an anodized aluminum reading base, this Slide Caliper comprises two nylon blocks (one fixed and the other sliding) and two movable "L"-shaped stainless steel tips.

The Slide Caliper is designed with a usable length of 550 mm, overall dimensions of 35 mm x 30 mm x 655 mm, and a weight of 450g.

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