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CESCORF Skinfold Caliper

CESCORF Skinfold Caliper

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The Cescorf Innovare Skinfold Caliper is a mid-range skinfold caliper designed for accuracy and ease of use.

By anthropomotry is tailore for measuring skinfold thickness, this caliper features a simplified reading system for straightforward results.

Crafted with an ABS base, the caliper is not only cost-effective but also durable, ensuring long-lasting use.

Equipped with zinc-coated steel springs, the caliper guarantees reliability and resilience in its operation.

Resolution: 1 mm
Reading Range: 80 mm
Pressure: ± 10 g/mm²
Dimensions: 244 mm x 215 mm
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  • Technical specifications

    • Dimensions: 150 mm x 44 mm x 35 mm
    • Weight: 290 g
    • Measuring range: ±140 kgf (other ranges on request)
    • Resolution: 100 gf
    • Sampling rate: 100 Hz
    • Power supply: Battery
    • Autonomy: 8 hours
    • Communication: Bluetooth 5.0
    • Calibration: Annual
  • Mobile APP

    The Gripwise mobile application is used to collect consultation data, particularly from connectable devices. It is available for Android / iOS and its main features are:

    • Management of patient/client identification data
    • Filling in the Anamnesis
    • Personalized definition of the assessment flow
    • Various measurement steps (anthropometry, surveys, strength tests, etc.)
    • Management of connectable devices
    • Data stored locally and remotely (only if authorized)
    • Possibility of exporting data
  • Web APP

    The Web APP is an application that does not need to be installed because it can be accessed via thebrowser. It has various features such as

    • Integration of data in the cloud
    • Permanent data backup
    • Technical support from specialized nutritionists
    • Constant updating of the service
    • Protection of client confidentiality and data in accordance with the GDPR
    • Possibility of integration via HL7 FIHR with other health systems
    • Automatic generation of reports
    • Easy use of data for research work
    • Alert mechanisms on the user's clinical status
    • Sharing of reports with the user
    • Clinical evolution over time by user