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CESCORF Slide Caliper 16 cm

CESCORF Slide Caliper 16 cm

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The Cescorf Innovare Slide caliper is a mid-range short-bone anthropometer that can be used by both beginners and experienced users who do not require an expensive aluminum model.

More About Our Slide Caliper

This slide caliper measures the diameter of the humerus, femur, bimalleolar, hand and foot width, wrist, knee, and elbow.

With its features, the Cescorf Innovare Short Bone slide caliper is an affordable, durable, lightweight, and compact device. Its slide caliper mechanism ensures accurate measurements every time.

The resolution of this slide caliper is 1mm, with a range of 164 mm. This makes the Cescorf  slide caliper a reliable tool for various anthropometric measurements.

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